January 17

My Craftiness Space

I spend countless hours in my craft room- so naturally, I want a pretty, inviting and inspiring space! I wanted to share with everyone some photos of my room as well as show off some of my neat (and of course, handmade) goodies I have in here! In December, I had a special visitor come to visit me and in between my kids hanging all over here and laughing our tails off she took these photos of my room to save you guys from me doing it. That wouldn’t have been pretty ;) A BIG thank you to Courtney of Small Beginnings Photography for these images!


I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that I LOVE colors, combining them and mixing print. I love my fabric shelves. Ahhh, they make me smile. As you can see at the bottom…. I can’t even part with my scraps. They have their own bins… just in case I can find a way to use them!


Fab stash

{My fabric stash}

PS. These great mini bolts were an idea I scored from Smashed Peas & Carrots. Find it HERE!




I’ve found myself some amazing treasures for this room. I live near a fun flea market and I go weekly. The only downside to that is that my house is small & I have to rotate out items because I run out of space all the time!





This little gem of a clock was a Christmas gift from my friend, Courtney of Small Beginnings Photography! How cool is it?! You can snag one yourself from and furthermore, on Etsy!


doily clock



I’ve been drooling over these fabric flowers from Snowy Bliss for a while now. She sells the tutorial and kits to make them yourself if you’re so inclined. I chose to purchase a set she made herself & I ADORE them! Flowers that never die or wilt- genius!



I found the pefect vase to display these babies!



Another gift from my crafty pal, Courtney!


Life sure is tweet, ya'll.

I keep my babies close.


kenneth & delainey


No, literally. The other half of this room is set up with a tv, toys and a loveseat for them. I coudn’t so this if I couldn’t do it with them at my feet, on the back of my chair, chattering to me while I’m writing and commenting on what I’m making.


The couch was too plain for my taste… but anything fun was quite pricey and I’m not quite nuts enough to buy a couch specifically for my kids that cost more than a couple hundred smackers. They’ve already put quite a hurting on it… glad I kept my senses on that front. I DID however, score some pretty throw pillows for it!  I wanted them to be comfy enough for them to actually use…just kid friendly & Katy friendly at the same time. Thanks to Kangaroo Stitches, I found just the pillows! Love ‘em? Me too. She’s offering my readers & fans 10% off in her shop with the code BIRDIE10 — enjoy!


Looks to me like Delainey was enjoyind those pillows, no?




I asked my friend Laura of Eye Candy Event Details to create me my very own subway art. She nailed it with this design & is offering my readers and fans 20% their own custom art! Use the code BIRDIE20 in her Etsy shop to nab yours!

Custom BBB Subway Art by Eye Candy Event Details



Not done with the awesomeness just yet.


How about this birdie hanger I put on an embroidery hoop? Thanks to Amber of Deliziare for taking the time to work on this special request for me! She makes the coolest “real” hangers for weddings…. best. wedding. gift. ever.


A couple more pics with Courtney behind the lens:







The room in a state of dissaray, as it usually is :)


Even since these pics were taken, I’ve scooted furniture around , changed my flea market finds & fattended my fab stash. So fun & an excuse for more pics later!





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